Why is this code of conduct in TKD so important?

Why do we go over these in class continually?

Students of TKD who do not make courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit as important in their life as a good kick become nothing more than bullies who think only of themselves.

Answering your elders and high ranks with yes sir/yes ma’am is an outward expression of respect that mirrors your inward attitude. This outward expression of respect creates an atmosphere of civility and respect, not only within our school, but within our homes and society. Without this courtesy or respect for elders and those in authority, learning is stunted and there is chaos.

Integrity teaches us to do what is right no matter what the consequences may be. Holding ourselves to higher standards creates a quality of character that no one can take away from you. Demonstrating integrity makes you a stronger person.

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Perseverance and indomitable spirit are needed to live a productive, respectful life. To complete what you start, and not be dominated by wrong but to rise above it, to do what is honorable and good.

To learn these and incorporate these into our character will produce a more peaceful world and a more peaceful life in general. It is important, as an instructor, that our students develop these character traits. When we demonstrate these tenets not only inside, but outside of the Do-Jang, then the younger people will have a role model from whom to learn.

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