Entering and exiting the training floor

 It is considered customary and courteous for students to bow as they enter or exit the Do-Jang training floor. This is out of respect for where you are training. Students should maintain a quiet noise level in respect for classes that may be in session. Parents and visitors are expected to remain in the lobby area during classes to minimize distractions.


Proper forms of address

The proper way to address instructors, seniors, or students of higher rank is by calling them “Sir” or “Ma’am”. A student should answer questions from instructors, seniors, or students with “Yes, Sir/No, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am/No Ma’am”. Students are expected to address their parents in the same manner not only at the Do-Jang, but also at home. Respect for parents and grandparents is very important in TaeKwon-Do and at our school.


Straightening your dobok

 From time to time, it may be necessary to adjust your dobok or re-tie your belt. The proper way to do this is to turn toward the back of the class and away from the Instructor when adjusting your dobok. It is considered discourteous not to do so. 


Lining up

Students line up at the beginning and end of class in order of rank. Higher ranks are in the front, lower ranks toward the rear. When two or more students are at the same rank, the date of testing determines who the higher rank is. However we give honor to those who are adults first.



Students are expected to be on time for classes. If you are late, wait at the back of the room until the Instructor gives you permission to join the class. We at Great Lakes Global TaeKwon-Do know that traffic and our busy lives may cause us to run a little late from time to time so we allow a student to join class if they are late. However, it is considered rude to be late for class so a student should make every effort to be on time.


Uniforms and Equipment

At Great Lakes Global TaeKwon-Do we have a dress code that requires the official ITF uniform with registered logo. Students are required to purchase their uniforms and equipment from the school. Uniforms should always be clean and neat. This shows pride in yourself and your art. Part of TaeKwon-Do also includes sparring. All sparring gear is available for purchase at the school in either red or blue.


Emergency Closings

During the Winter months, we keep an eye on all weather forecasts and closings. Our closing policy is to email students/parents in case of emergency closing due inclement weather or other causes. Please make sure we have your e-mail and that it is current. We will also post closings on our Facebook page. If we close due to severe weather, we will  try to notify local TV stations. We make decisions about closing around 4:30pm that day. If there is Level 3 we will be closed until it is officially lifted.